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Under the legal practitioners act, 1962 contained in cap l. Establishment the committee is established by section 53 of the lpa legal practitioners act. Laws that govern merger and acquisition in nigeria the principal law that governs the merger and acquisition in nigeria is the investment and securities act isa 2007. The act repeals the consumer protection act, cap c25, 1992 the consumer protection act and introduces a dedicated competition law regime to nigeria. Section 2 of the lpa spells out the conditions for entitlement to practice as a legal practitioner and section 4 lists the requirements for a person to be called to the nigerian bar. Consumer protection act, 2018 fccpa, mergers and acquisitions in nigeria were. Legal practitioners act 15 of 1995 namibia legal database. A bill repealing the legal practitioners act stillwaters. We are a law firm specializing in dispute resolution via litigation and alternative dispute resolution mechanism. Legal practitioners act 15 of 1995 national council. See also rules of professional conduct in the legal profession. Case under the investment and securities act 2007 by nnamdi dimgba introduction the enactment of the investments and securities act isa in june 2007 was an opportunity to improve the legal rules governing the operation of the nigerian capital. The very first company law came up in nigeria in 1912. Legal practitioners amendment act 4 of 1997 gg 1586.

Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers in nigeria are governed by the investments and securities act, the securities and exchange. No person shall be admitted and authorised to practise as a legal practitioner or be enrolled as such, except in accordance with the provisions of this act. Computer professionals registration council of nigeria, cpn was established through act no. Our pdf merger allows you to quickly combine multiple pdf files into one single pdf document, in just a few clicks. In exercise of the powers conferred by section 15 3 of the legal practitioners act and of all other powers enabling it in that behalf, the.

To consolidate and amend the laws relating to the legal profession and legal practitioners. Of nigeria act arrangement of parts and sections partsection object partsection object i establishment, etc. He is expected to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, etiquette and discipline in. Act and substitution ofthe following aspart ii andpart iii. Nigeria of any offence punishable under the provisions of any corresponding law in force in that place, or does any act preparatory to, or in furtherance of, any act which if committed in nigeria would constitute an offence under this act, shall be guilty of an offence under this act. Another was the legal practitioners act 1975 which established the legal practitioners disciplinary committee lpdc.

Compliance officer, lawyer in law firm, private practice, barrister, consultant. Legal practitioners act 1981 an act to regulate the practice of law. List of legal practitioners providers in nigeria vconnect. The act applies to all commercial activities carried out or having an effect in nigeria and includes provisions dealing with merger control, restrictive agreements, abuse of dominance, monopolies. It addresses four important issues arising from the former land tenure systems in nigeria. A major reason for conglomerate takeovers, or mergers is diversification of activities into other. Legal practitioners second amendment act 22 of 2002 gg 2892 brought into force on 1 november 2005 by gn 92005 gg 3529 there is an act named the legal practitioners amendment act 6 of 1999 gg 2126.

The land use act of 2004 is made up of eight parts of fiftyone sections. Medical and dental practitioners act an act to establish the medical and dental council of nigeria for the registration of medical practitioners and dental surgeons and to provide for a disciplinary tribunal for the discipline of members. Find list of best legal practitioners in nigeria with their name, address, contact phone number and other information on vconnect. The required amendments have been highlighted in the course of this write up and it is hoped that more individuals would embrace and take advantage of the provision for limited liability partnerships under the partnership law of lagos state 2009.

An act to consolidate and amend the law relating to legal practitioners whereas it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to legal practitioners in 2certain provinces, and to empower the provincial government of every other province to extend thereto such portions of. Cares act provider relief fund acceptance of funds comes with conditions. Section 221d of the legal practitioners act makes it an offense for any person who is not a legal practitioner to make certain documents in nigeria. The body which regulates the conduct of lawyers in nigeria the nigerian bar association nba, has a specific committee set up to deal with complaints against lawyers called the legal practitioners disciplinary committee lpdc. Introduction in nigeria, mergers by private or public companies are principally regulated under the investments and securities act 2007 the isa and the rules and regulations made pursuant to the isa the sec rules. It is also the exclusive rights of legal practitioners to make certain legal instruments in nigeria. Ayokunle akinpelu is the corporate legal adviser at softcom, a leading software company in lagos that is focused on solving some of africas biggest challenges and connecting people and businesses with meaningful innovation, he spoke to lawyard. Legal practitioners role in effective implementation of. The banking reform carried out on the 6th of july, 2004, had been a major wave towards a formidable diversified, strong and reliable banking sector in nigeria. Requirement for seal and stamp of legal practitioners in. Pursuant to the provisions of the isa, the key regulator for merger and acquisition is the securities and exchange commission sec rules.

All lawyers are admitted to the bar as barristers and solicitors of the supreme court without. Legal practitioners remuneration for legal documentation and other land matters order 1991. It should be noted that the act has not been revised for obsolete references, etc. Merger control 2020 laws and regulations nigeria iclg. The major reception act in nigeria is the interpretation act.

The legal practice act is expected to come into force in 2018 and legal practitioners need to ensure they understand the implications of the act and comply accordingly. The south african legal practitioner a commentary on the legal practice act. L11 lfn 2004, which is the main legislation that sets down the guidelines and regulations for the legal profession in nigeria may soon be repealed come december 1, 2017. Deloitte corporate ser vices limited s l nature of a partnership in nigeria in nigeria, partnerships are regulated by the united kingdom partnership act of 1890 the english act. Lawyers and legal practitioners in abuja, nigeria providing help for all kinds of legal matters in abuja. The south african legal practitioner a commentary on the. However, under the new act, there will be a third group of practitioners advocates who may take briefs directly from the public. A code for regulating the conduct of lawyers in nigeria 110 profession in nigeria. Legal practitioners act 15 of 1995 gg 1141 brought into force on. The legal profession in nigeria stands out as the oldest of the professions being. Legal practitioners role in effective implementation of anticorruption laws.

The creation of the lpdc is contained in section 10 of the legal practitioners act. Section 2 of the principal act is amended by the insertion of the following. Regulation of mergers in nigeria afoke igwe, bayo onamade i. The act also provides for a single governing structure for attorneys and advocates, the south african legal practice council. There is one general category of lawyer in nigeria. The legal practitioners act lpa regulates the qualification of a person to practice as a legal practitioner in nigeria. First handbook on the new legal practice act now available. List of legal practitioners companies and services in nigeria. Merger control laws and regulations covering issues in nigeria of relevant. There are different types of lawyers in nigeria, and the practice of law is a very big field in nigeria. The first point to start with is that when a lawyer gets qualified to practice law in nigeria, there are no restrictions on what area of law heshe can practice in. List of of nigeria law firms and legal practitioners. Mergers and acquisitions occur when a viable company takes over another company or two. This act, which amends the legal practitioners act, may be cited as the legal practitioners amendment act 2010.

Home updates a bill repealing the legal practitioners act. In these regulations any word or expression to which a meaning has been assigned in the legal practitioners act, 1995 act 15 of 1995 shall bear that meaning and, unless the context otherwise requires act means the legal practitioners act, 1995 act 15 of 1995. Procedure for mergers, acquisitions and takeovers in nigeria. A merger is essentially a fusion of two or more companies in which one of the combining companies.

This act is reprinted pursuant to the acts republication act 1967 and incorporates all amendments in force as at 15 july 2001. Please note that the chief justice of nigeria in consultation with the federal attorney general appoints numbers 3, 5. The ordinance provided for two types of people that could practice law in nigeria at that time being the professionally qualified and local attorneys. While the companies and allied matters act cama, which regulates the operations of. We shall now allude, albeit briefly, to some of the duties imposed on legal practitioners under the rpc.

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